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Last Minute Stars!

Dec 09, 2015

It's that time of year again... Christmas! Every year it sneaks up on me and this year was no different. I guess that's what you get for having your nose buried in yarn and crochet all the time.

Christmas star pink green 500 logo.jpg

You might think that someone like me would have plenty of crochet bits and bobs made and ready to package up for the likes of gifts for teachers etc... I wish it were true. I have observed those around me making gifts for weeks but have opted to keep my head in the sand about it all in favour of pumping out another crochet pattern. But last weekend I could no longer ignore the deadline (that is the end of the school year) ticking down at rapid speed. So I sat, crochet hook and cotton in hand and came up with these little stars.

3 in a row 500 logo.jpg

Garlands. They are my go-to gift. Everyone likes a garland right? And even if you don't you can always sling it around your tree! Happy days.

garland logo.jpg

I made a few different variations on the same theme, some with decorative slip stitch detail afterwards, some with more colours, others with less. Now the trouble I have is deciding which style to choose to make each garland with!

lots of stars 500 logo.jpg

I've jotted down the pattern (below) for those of you who would like to make some little stars too. Add them to cards, use them as gift tags, or make a garland like me. I'd love to see what you come up with ~ remember to tag me in your Instagram pics so I can have a nosey! (@thelittlebeenz or use the tag #gardenstargarland)


Garden Star Garland

  • Small amounts of yarn in colours of your choice. I used a range of colours of Rico Essentials DK cotton. 
  • E - 3.5mm hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Twine
Abbreviations (US terms):

Rnd - round   st - stitch

ch - chain   sc - single crochet

dc - double crochet    trc - triple crochet

  • For a tidy finish when changing colours you may like to use an Invisible Join instead of the sl st.
  • Any sized yarn can be used to make these stars, you'll just need to adjust the size of your hook to suit.
  • To make a ch 3 picot: ch 3, sl st into the back of the first ch st. This will make a little point. 

Round One (Colour #1): 

Begin with a magic circle, ch 3 (count as the first dc) and work 9 more dc stitches into the magic circle, make an invisible join in the top of the initial ch 3. Pull the tail from the magic circle tight. (10)

Round Two (Change to Colour #2): Note: there is no need to sl st to join in this round.

In any stitch join with a sc, *dc, trc* in the same st, ch2, *trc, dc, sc* in the next st {*sc, dc, trc* in the next st, ch 2, *trc, dc, sc* in the next st} repeat this sequence another 3 times to create 5 points, fasten off. (40)

Round Three (Change to Colour #1): Note: All the stitches in this round (apart from the stitches worked into Round 1) are worked in the back loops only (BLO).

Join new colour with a sl st at the base of one of the points (refer to photo), sl st in the next 3 stitches (to the tip of the point) ch 3 picot (count as one st), sl st in the next 4 st, sl st into the dc stitch below from Round 1 (refer to photo), {sl st in the next 4 st, ch 3 picot, sl st in the next 4 st,  sl st into the dc stitch below from Round 1} repeat this sequence another 3 times, join with a sl st to the first sl st of the round. Fasten off and weave in ends. (50)

You can switch things up by changing the order and arrangement of the colours, omitting the slip stitches into Round 2, or by adding a circular round of slip stitch on top of Round 1. Have fun playing with your colours and ideas!

To assemble the garland take your stars & yarn needle threaded with a length of twine (I used about 2m for 9 stars) and slide each star onto the twine (through the underside at the tip of the points). Once all the stars are in position tie a loop at each end of the twine ready for hanging!

Garden Star collage 1.jpg

garden star collage 2 500.jpg


Time to get back to the production line...

Merry Christmas & happy hooking everyone!

Alia xx



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